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A Virtual Visit with Member Artist Liz Prescott in her Studio





This video documents Liz's process in beginning a painting.  She works in heavy body Golden acrylics on birch panel.  Prescott always begins with a base layer of a warm color, most frequently a warm yellow-orange.  Then she draws in her composition with paint.  She feels the looseness of paint as her "drawing instrument" allows for more adjustments later in paint, vs. being held within the lines of the pencil.  Liz uses only the minimum lines necessary for the composition.
From there she works to lay in both her darkest dark and lightest light.  She builds her subject out from there.  While on Monhegan Island it was the pile of light and bright buoys against the line of darker lobster traps in the background that caught Prescott's eye. Value, hue and saturation of color are the elements she juggles to bring the subject alive in paint.








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